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Our phone number86-755-26719954


Address:7/F, Block A, Building F1, TCL International E City, No.1001 Zhongshanyuan Road, Nanshan District, SHENZHEN,CHINA

Phone number:86-755-26719954

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Comwintop(cwt) profile

ComWinTop (CWT), since 2003

CWT Has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing automation products and a brilliant reputation in wireless network equipment field. So far M2M Remote Monitoring and Wireless Smart Home System are positioned as CWT two core products.

CWT has been adhering to spirit of Constant Innovation & Practice as well as the intention of standing in the forefront of the industry, with the purpose of creating the most valuable products for every client. Moreover, Stable Operation System, Practical Performance, Comprehensive Features, Flexile Application and Delicate Design all contributed to CWT good brand identification.

So far this year, thousands of CWT M2M monitoring devices had been installed in the harsh industrial fields, such as, Electric Power, Communication Base Station, Oil Field, and Sewer System. At the same time, Wireless Smart Home Systems are providing a safe household environment for millions of families, playing more and more important part in social security progress.

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