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Our phone number86-755-26719954


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Phone number:86-755-26719954

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CWT Cloud
CWT Cloud

CWT cloud is an industrial equipment management system based on internet, cloud computing.

With CWT RTU, CWT cloud can get status, value, position of remote industrial equipment, built a very complete M2M, M2H industrial ecosystem.

CWT cloud can manage thousands CWT RTU remotely, display all industrial equipment’ real-time data, location tracking, control device, send commands and store data, analysis data, export data. Operation base on internet, do not install any software, only login cloud via PC or cell phone’s browse to do it.


CWT Cloud Technical Feature

Support multistage account, private device group for every account

Manage device into groups, channel graphical display, real-time data

Device status real-time display, online, offline, alarm

Customizable channel information, e.g. name, icon

Support graph, research and export data

Operation based on web, do not install any software

Provide OPC server that is standard interface for SCADA, so very easy realize CWT RTU communicate with SCADA

Support Google map, easy to track position